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June 4, 2013
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deadpool in wonderland by m7781 deadpool in wonderland by m7781
for 's the line it is drawn week #141
this week's theme: Rejected Children’s Books Starring Comic Book Characters

the whole article can be seen here! [link]
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fellowzombie Apr 4, 2014  New member
he would be king
he'd run wonderland in no time... 
Are you kidding?  This is a normal day for him.  I think this is how he sees the world around him ALL the time XD
ahahah yea... this is pretty tame as far as deadpool standards go... this is a tuesday.. 
You know, I think this is exactly what goes on inside his head most of the time anyway lol
ahahahahhaahaha yea...
this is one of the more boring times in his head... 

God DAMN, this is hilarious.  Deadpool falling down the rabbit hole instead of Alice?  So this would be an example of insanity meeting insanity?  Well, as the Cheshire Cat said, "We're all mad here."  Why is it I see Deadpool finding the bottle that Alice sipped from and just chugging it, then being disappointed that it doesn't taste like booze?  Next, he'll devour the cookies and burst out of the room, and he'll probably slaughter the animals at the Caucus Race for barbecue.  God forbid the flowers and Tweedledee and Tweedledum try to sing to him!  He'd probably decapitate them, then himself because the song is stuck in his head!

But onto the art.  As usual, your art is fantastic.  Deadpool looks like he came straight out of Marvel, particularly one of the older comics I read in a book store.  I believe it was the Best of Deadpool.  I'm especially taken with how he's pouring (shooting?) tea out of his gun.  He WOULD do that.  Excellent job on Chesh' (I believe that's what they call him nowadays) and the March Hare, who both look simply fascinated to their new guest.  They both have the Disney look about them, while also looking fascinated.  I imagine it wasn't easy, drawing Chesh' the way you did, partially vanishing like he did in the first movie.

The other parts of the pic are also quite masterful.  Probably my favorite is the one of Deadpool standing on his head.  Why am I not surprised he would jump at the chance to do that?  Excellent job on him smoking with the Caterpillar, too.  And do I really need to say anything on his encounter with the Queen of Hearts?  Even she shouldn't have known better than to shout "OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!" at somebody like Deadpool!  At least she'll get red roses now!

There's just one thing I'd like to ask.  Not a criticism, merely a question.  What is Boba Fett doing in the top of the pic?  I notice you like to pair him up with Deadpool in your work, but here he doesn't seem to fit as much, at least unless he was in every panel, not just one, especially since he just seems to be loitering.  Just curious.

Overall, I love this.  Deadpool is as hilarious as ever, and you've given us something to laugh with.  Welcome to the list.

He must be on drugs.
ahahahahha there is a lot of drug references in that first panel...
and yes...

"The people of Wonderland were probably on drugs WAAYY before I showed up!"

(I'm Role-playing as Deadpool!)

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